Power lossy combination... Supermicro I840chip mobo w. Voodoo4 -1 reply

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19th April 2001

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#1 17 years ago

Anyone has anything to say? I have SuperMicros motherboard, Dual P2/P3 mobo with 100/133mhz bus and 128mt 133mhz memory running now at 100mhz bus. Voodoo 4 4500 and integrated Intels lan and some Audio chips. Also, SCSI ultra160 (or what the heck, the fastest anyway) adapter with IBM ultra160 9gb disk on it. I ran 3dMark2001 and got very BAD results. 450 3Dmarks. What is wrong?


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#2 17 years ago

i heard that 3dmark2001 was made to make nvidia cards look good and isn't fair towards other vid card companies (like 3dfx) that might be your problem...