Preventing the MG34 from firing while deploying -1 reply

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11th December 2008

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#21 10 years ago

I think if the devs could make the time between going prone and firing about a second and a half that would solve problems. Its not to long but still prevents dolphin diving. i get rather tired of people doplhin diving on me when in a cqb fight.


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22nd July 2008

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#22 10 years ago

PR had delay on heavy at w/o animation in previous version, so it can be done


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20th March 2008

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#23 10 years ago

FH2 is not PR. If it could have been done I'm sure CTZ would have done it.

Natty Wallo

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16th December 2005

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#24 10 years ago

IMO this "problem" is both the mappers, and the coders responsibility... you have to remember that no weapon is give to you on a map, automatically.

FH2 doesnt have a "set" number of weapons that are just there for everyone.

Each map distributes the weapons very precise, and its the mapper (and all testing sessions) that comes up with the result how many MGs should be available for each team...

We dont make maps thinking what will it be like when player 4 meets player 52 in this corner... if player 4 has MG34 he can just dive and shoot.

No, you think bigger. you think how will this map play, based on the design and structure of it, if team1 gets 10% LMGs spawning, and team2 gets 5%... etc... if you suffer from many MGers in the other team, chances are your team gets something else, like tanks, arty, planes etc... FH2 will never be a weapon vs weapon or vehivle vs vehicle mod.. its 32 vs 32 in full combat, and its the result after a full rounds playing you evaluate at the end.

Yes its annoying with some behaviour, but an MG34 soldiers is severly limited in other actions, and they arent so many of them (3-4 per team is common) ignore the position he was in when he killed you and move on.

(do you get less angry if he kills you when he has been proned for 4 seconds when firing? or 3 seconds... or 1.45 seconds.. where is the limit?)

Personally I cant wait for shotguns, you have a shotgun in your hand, meet an MG34er that dives, he is dead meat.


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#25 10 years ago

btw, how will the shotgun be implemented in 2.2? special engineer pickup?


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10th December 2008

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#26 10 years ago


They just tried a workaround in PR that was exploitable too.

@Natty Wallo:

Nice talk on your mapping philosophy, but that doesn't solve the problem of dolphing diving MG34 gunners. As far as I am concerned, it's annoying enough if just one guy with an MG behaves like that, no matter how many people on one side have the weapon.

We (clan/lan submod for FH2.15) are currently working on a possible feature that generally disables firing after going prone. Chances are very low that there's a way, but who knows...

Regards, F.R.