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20th February 2004

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#21 14 years ago

That's more or less the same thing that I was saying in all of my posts about serverside modding. Nobody will ever create a perfect map. There will always be things that can make a map better. Especially not when they can not get playtested over a decent ammount of time on pupblic server conditions. I and most likely all of the rest of the mappers I know are the last who are not interested in fixing gameplayproblems or bugs. SSM is a very good medium to do such things, because the client doesn't have to download anything, installation of the mod stays pretty simple for him. I'm totally for using that medium to patch things and give out the files to all the servers. But sadly there is close to zero feedback from the community. They rather keep posting silly suggestions that are not relevant for the mod. Why does not somebody open a thread about a particular map and discusses how it plays and if anything can be done to make it better? Why don't people out of other commnities, who maybe discuss things like that in their private forums, post what they think could be changed, or allready did change? With more feedback much could be done to make the FH experience even greater. But everything that gets changed should be done by the mapper himself or be approved by him. Also, to guarantee the FH experience does not differ from server to server, it would be important to distribute it to all the servers. Also the server administrators would be in charge to get those updates.

On the other side, again having to read some posts in this thread, coming from those "I will do whatever I want" people, makes me wish that SSM is impossible in BF2, because the big downside is that anybody who runs a server can literally do whatever the fuck he wants and make others believe that he still playing a map of a certain mod or mapper. To all those: "Do what you fucking want to do, but do it in your name".

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30th September 2004

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#22 14 years ago
FuzzyBunny;3392890Easy--two reasons. First, and in the absence of a "license" with FH, the lesser, you create something and some idiot who decides Eastern Blitz needs a Tiger because D00D teh GERMANS r TEH 1337Z0r!!111 pisses all over it. Second, because FH is a historical accuracy mod and it's shit if people show up and see, I dunno, Tigers in Eastern Blitz. There are, IMHO, plenty of legit ways of altering a map to fix gameplay, balance and accuracy issues. I'm trying to propose a compromise here, mmkay?

I think freedom of expression exists online (unless you live in Communist China). FH is a mod of a game and if someone wants to mod that mod on their server (which they pay for)… more power to them. Some SSM’s I enjoy. For example, the Anti-base camping mod is a good idea. Once you play there a few times you know not to go into an uncap. Unless you have power trippy admins who get their rocks off from kicking people I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. It makes enforcing server rules easy 24-7. Now adding a bunch of King Tigers and other high end military weapons to offset a balance is another thing altogether. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. I think making rant posts or clever sigs expressing your mind pointless and elitist. To be honest, I don't think it matters what the FH devs think. Yes, they are making FH2 and it will be their mod but unless we all live in a police state they can't tell people what to do with their product. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your opinion, my South American friend, but I think the best approach is don’t support what you don’t like. Most FH gamers agree with you. That’s why most servers run the game straight up.