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#11 15 years ago
LordKhaineSounds good in theory, but I fear it could have issues ingame. People complain enough as it is about tanks/planes not being spotted by team mates. And that situation is hardly going to improve when you remove the ability from most of the players.

Thats true, teamplay wise it would be counter productive but on the other side it sound too much hightech and modern to me when a soldier on the front can report a tank and a bomber pilot sees it immediatly on his map.

I think the VoIP system is fine the way it is so nothing should be changed here and for those ingame communication keys like you guys already said :

- Squadmembers can "shout" out stuff to each other, if one guy sees a tank and spots it then everyone in his squad sees it on the minimap.

- If a squadleader spots something everyone on the team can see it, in reality the squadleader would have his radio man right next to him. In FH we should merge the two into one person.

- Tankers would need to be in the same squad, same for pilots when they want to have the benefit of immediate enemy location on their minimap when spotted.

I am not sure if it is possible but it recreats the real obstacles they had back then without GPS and Voice communication units for every soldier like today.

Example : Infantry Squad A is in the city, a Tank with a guy from a different squad B is approaching the city from afar. Squadmember A spots an enemy tank in the streets, he calls it out. The squadleader A can see it on the minimap, but Squadmember B in the tank can't. Squadleader then "reports" the enemy tank. Everyone in the team can see it on the minimap, Squadmember B in the tank now has a huge advantage against that enemy tank thanks to the Squadleader A doing a good job as a Radioman.

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