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21st August 2003

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#81 15 years ago

Stealing enemy tanks is not realistic. I mean, come on, german soldier jumps in T-34 and drives it to battle? WWII was not quake or bf42 ffs...

And before you start yelling and posting pics on Panzer 747(r) I remind you that those tanks were modified and re-painted before entering the battle.


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3rd September 2004

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#82 15 years ago

If heavy vehicles only spawned at main bases, the problem of locked armor being at enemy flags after they capped it would be much less of an issue And yes, i'm FOR locked armor.


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5th December 2004

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#83 15 years ago

i think empty abandoned enemy armor at cappable bases, is a tactical issue that adds another dimension to the game. requiring a need to deal with it. as it remains a threat if retaken by its team. i personally like this idea, as i could booby trap that armor. and just wait for some guy to run over and "hop in" hehehe


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23rd January 2004

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#84 15 years ago
LoboI am afraid to burst your bubble, but FH never take decisions because people complains, in fact you are now complaining and it's not changing my opinion, hehe. Vehicles locking is the logic answer for a mod that leads to realism, we can discuss till sun goes nova and yeah, a soldier can steal an enemy vehicle, but never insta-use it to fight, but you don't want to face truth

I didn't read all the thread, just wanted to share a random thought of the day concerning the engineer in FH2. I don't remember how this class will be handled and if it'll still be able to repair tanks or other vehicles up to a certain level, but anyway.

I'd just lock every vehicle except for easy ones like jeep or trucks (or other armored vehicles that are not that much different to handle than a regular car). But (there is a but, having all vehicles locked would just be replacing the all open issue with an all locked issue, not good), instead of just a jump in and magicaly use it right away, why not give a capture delay that can be handled only by one or more engineers, like setting up a bomb or unlocking a door (dunno, maybe 10 to 20 seconds, or various depending on the vehicle type and complexity, the more engineers the faster the capture). That way, you can not just sneak in an enemy base and jump in the first tank you see to rape the base at will (at least not without giving the enemy time enought to see you trying to capture a tank and give them the opportunity to kill you). Nor will there be empty enemy tanks lying around in a freshly captured base, just waiting for the enemy to help for an easy recap or to be destroyed.

I could develop the idea a bit more if needed. just my 2 cents :beer: