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26th March 2004

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#51 16 years ago
TigerReiSpeaking of ultra-realism, who says one shot always kills in real life? There have been people who have been riddled with bullets and survived.

You can survive yes, but you are effectively out of combat in case of anything more than a scratch wound. Yes, there are reports of people taking several SMG rounds in the chest and still continuing the fight for a couple of minutes, but those are exceptions and the only reason they keep on is probably a temporary adrenaline frenzy - once it ends, they collapse. Also, this is about rifles that packs a hell of a lot more punch than some MP40.


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8th October 2004

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#52 16 years ago

terminal-strikeWell whatever the cause or reason I don't like the damage setup for many weapons and various situations. I think its highly, thats right highly unrealistic for example that people mainain full combat effectivness after taking multiple gunshot wounds.

People can survive all sorts of bullet hits and certainly keep on fighting in some sitiaons after taking a bullet, but the frequency this happens is unrealsitic. There must be some way to limit people abilties to shoot at least when severely injured. If there isn't, then I think its more realistic people die easier.

How do people shoot me or not die after taking two upper body shots with no2? Well I must have hit there arms- well then how do shoot back? Ditto for the carbine especially, though Iv seen this with rifles too.

I dont' expect perfect reality, and I think the weapon system and hit detection is pretty good and I cant even appreciete the work that has been put into it. Neverthless, as somone who as played FH a long time I feel obligated to say that I think theres some problems with the damages people take from infantry weapons.

Amen: Its a shame that Vanilla BF was so much "unreal" that they didn't care to create simulation of wounds and effect on combat effectiveness.

Of course you can't go for 100% realism, its the worst moments in a round when you hit someone first and this guy bunnyhopping arounds kills you strafing woith his full auto thompson or Mp40 or whatsoever. This really discourages me from playin sometimes.

There are many ideas for wounds in other games that could be applied to BF (dunno for coding, just ideas): - bleeding wounds: you keep loosing life till you bandage yourself - %tual loss of speed and accuracy when hit. - your sight gets limited (screen darkens)

Many ideas to experiment with!