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7th October 2003

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#101 15 years ago
Swellick In real life it's certainly possible to survive a shot from a rifle but you're out of the war for quite some time - BF42 engine most certainly doesn't support a guy resting in a hospital! :D

Yeah, back in the 80's my buddy took two slugs in the abdomen while in the Middle East -- I asked him all about it, like "What did you do after he shot you?" and his response was "Not fkn much -- I had two hot pieces of lead in my gut."

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18th March 2005

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#102 15 years ago

I vote for anything above the waist (head, torso, arms) 1 shot. Anything below the waist (legs) 2 shots. [color=black]Long story short when I was in the army I had part of a .308 round hit me in the elbow after going through a cinderblock. It made me too sick and dizzy to stand and I could not move afterwards. It took several minutes to get my composure back and get me on my feet (with help). And I was definitely done for the day.[/color]


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26th March 2004

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#103 15 years ago
Dime_a_DozenI'll be looking at the code and hopefully getting a version to our betatesters before 0.7.

Glad to hear that. smilie.gif

But as I know it, there is no maximum accuracy setting for each stance. Max accuracy, ie, closed crosshairs, is the same no matter if you are prone or standing. Unless you are talking about adding sway which will throw you off a bit.

On a general note it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to add small sway for the standing position for all weapons (of course the amount of sway should differ). As a matter of fact I think the inaccuracy of weapons should be modeled more with real sway and recoil and less with crosshair spread. Imo the crosshair spread should be mostly used to simulate the effects of moving around with the gun. In any case, if we can't have different accuracy settings for each stance due to engine restrictions we should at least have more realistic crosshair spread and recovery behaviour.


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19th February 2004

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#104 15 years ago

Yeah, the rifles are indeed underpowered. ...for some reason, the devs think there's no prob with it... Not sure why but oh well..