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13th July 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Okay, I'm trying to set up a server with SoF2 and I keep having the same problem: my Sweex broadband 4 port router... it keeps people from seeing my server on the internet. This is really pissing me off right now, because I'm shitting around with this problem for too long now Okay, here's the deal: I know I have to open a trigger port and a public port, but I don't know which one... The number has to be something around 20100 for the trigger port and with the public port it begins at 20100 and ends at ..??? Also I have to know if both ports should be marked UDP, I thought so...but not sure.. And are there any other settings I have to change in order to make my server work? I know for sure that the problem is my router, because when I plug in right away (without the router) it works fine.. Well I really hope someone can tell me something about this..

Anyway, thanks in advance..