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23rd March 2004

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#41 15 years ago

This post is amazingly stupid. Slowing down infantry: Increases the chance of getting shot by a rifleman who will hit you from a window in some building that is barely outlined as soon as you get into range. It increases the chance of getting hit by stationary mgs, which, by the way, are already highly effective. It increases the chance of getting hit by a submachinegunner spraying lead at you from 100 yrds away. It increases the chance of getting hit by a sniper who will snipe you far before you will ever notice him as he is in a house which isn't outlined and is pushing his view distance using the scope. It will make you a sitting duck for tank mgs who will easily kill you in a short burst. It will make you a sitting duck for a strafing plane which now would move far too fast for even a rifle to hit it. It would make you a sitting duck for ANTI TANK WEAPONS who will kill infantry with one head shot with their improved weaponry. It would make you a sitting duck for that jeep comming towards you which you used to be able to leap away from but now can only stare at like a deer in the headlights of an H2 going 120 mph. It would make you a sitting duck for anything and everything assuming you don't have 9/10 cover, which you cannot maintain because you have to move to take that god forsaken flag 200 m away which used to take you 1.5 minutes to get to but now takes you 2.25 minutes of running through constant sniper, rifle, tank, submachinegun and, god forbid, the endless stream of grenades flying toward you, to get to. Why in god's name would you want to subject yourself to that when no battlefield engine could EVER create the cover of vegetation, random gibs of stone and the lucky shot bouncing off your helmet at just the right angle as in real life? We have enough problems running to a flag already under this constant demonstration of firepower and you want it to be HARDER? Holy crap, the reply I'll get is: "hey faggot (haha I said faggot, 1'M 1i|<3 1337!) Joo are so noobie, we wants some realism and we want to get shot for the sake of realism" My reply to you is: Infantry combat, which is already intense, should be left alone but for the slight tweaking of weaponry to create a balance between realism and gameplay. And besides, what is realism? It certainly cannot be displayed by this or any other game to date, and probably will never be perfectly demonstrated, so deal with the balance of gameplay and realism because nothing can EVER be perfect.


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8th September 2004

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#42 15 years ago

I 100% agree with Nechre, I personally love infantry battles. I don't prefer to sit in my little tiger or kt and rape everybody the whole time. What's the fun in that? Ok, well I do enjoy it sometimes, but anyway. If the infantry speed gets slowed down, think about maps like Arnhem. It's already hard enough to be british with that damn Puma going a billion miles an hour to the back flag, and you people want to speed up the tanks and slow down the infantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Limeys would never win Arnhem. The Kraut tanks would rape!!!!!!!!!