Solution for Plane camping: make planes only enterable by pilots -1 reply

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4th July 2006

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#21 10 years ago

In normal BF2, medics had a radius of constant heal around a vehicle they're in. Support had the same case except they gave ammo, and the same was for Engineers for repairing.

There was no special thing for Assault, Sniper, or Spec Ops as far as I know.

WEP would most likely be possible via the "afterburner" BF2 planes had, and they worked off a sprint bar, iirc. But, the sprint button is already being used for flaps/airbrakes and there are no other open buttons.

Which is fine, as there is little need for WEP except for takeoff or something.


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#22 10 years ago

Don't want to start a new topic just for one question but what does this represent in the Tweak file? bf109e7_tropPhysics_BodyWingVertical

all the control surfaces are given "Flap" as the name what exactly does that one do?


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11th December 2008

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#23 10 years ago

Boy... i remeber the days of bf2... Half my F***ing team on the carrier waiting for a jet. Then some idiot blows it up so nothing is achieved.... anyway back ontopic. I Think the pilots kit only thing would be a good idea. Also i think it should be implemented that if you kill somebody in a friendly aircraft you cannot fly it. Somewhat like PR and its team kill system. If you team kill you cannot request a kit for 3 minutes.


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29th April 2006

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#24 10 years ago

Natty Wallo;4809791:p "nuts"

why not simply make it so you spawn as a plane? :Puzzled:

I've been trying hard for 7 years now to understand these terms "planecamper" "tankcamper" etc.. Do you refer to a person who spends his ingame time waiting for the plane to re-spawn?... OK break that assumption down: You are against it? Why?... Because it is "unfair"? to who?... to you? Is planecamping unfair, or bad teamplay?.. IMO if they want to spend their gaming time on empty airstrip instead of joining the fun, let them! Secondly; if he was there first, waiting for a plane (because he was killed before you) why is he unfair, waiting? and aren't you also attempting to plane/tank-camp if youre going over to where they spawn? Or: is it only not tank/planecamping if you head over to where they spawn, and they are allready there?

This is nonsense and has to stop: Players do what they want, they experience the game as they want, all have bought a copy of BF2 with their own money, downloaded FH2 and is equal on the server. If player X prefers to spend endless minutes waiting for the plane, that's OK. No-one can "claim" a vehicle ("that's my plane!") in this game, if he is in it, it is his, go do something else. All of you have been children, maybe in kindergarden the teacher told you that if Johnny has the shovel in the sandbox, you have to play with the bucket, or something. -OK now "pilots" will start the "wtf if I land to repair my planez and he steals it" yes that is ofcourse different, same as Mobile Arty is different, If you're in a Wespe or some vehicle that has 2 positions: you position it for fire, go into fire position and mrRandom comes in and drives off with it, that's annoying. But if MrRandom is waiting for the Wespe to spawn, you can't start bitching about it. go play with the bucket until the shovel is free. :cya:

you will soon know what's happening when half of the team is waiting for planes instead of attacking with you in a tank in El Alamein, simply frustrating.

Natty Wallo

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16th December 2005

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#25 10 years ago

heh General Henry, that is something I do recognise... like you see some guy in the middle of nowhere, you are in a jeep.. you take a detour to pick him up but he refuses to enter, instead he keeps running in the same direction you're about to drive anyway.. But this is what it all boils down to... all our discussions about the mod, is always rooted in the same thing: people wish that everybody plays the mod the way they are. That will never happen... Those guys on the airfield, you see empty tanks, you think "why waste critical time waiting for a plane when there are free tanks".

That's never going to work... you can never know what the other player is thinking, planning, what happened to him in his last spawn etc... He might be thinking "oh no you stupid tanker dont attack yet, I know exactly where the PanzerIII is, let me just grab the plane and bomb him out first". etc... Never ever think that you know better how the other players should play their game, as soon as people start with that, all kinds of flamewars, abuse, TKs, etc start on the server.... Ive seen it happen a trillion times these last 7 years in Battlefield.. it was worst in BFV when everybody seemed to be the expert on how the game should be played, resulting in alot of chaos, vote-kicks, bannings, TKs etc etc...

Play the game as you want, let other enjoy their fun. If you have a squad with working VoIP, use that, but let other squads or unassigned experience the game in their own taste and style. That is what FH2 is about, admitting various ways of playing, not forcing one type of behaviour.


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#26 10 years ago

Leave them alone, they miss the fun, the FUN is on the Battlefield, not in the airfield waiting for the airplane.

Those are dumbasses, people who left vBF2 for 3 mins, so they think "I can wtfpwn everyone whit ma 1337 new airplanez.. rox", they are just missing everything. The gold of FH2 is not on the airplane, nor on the airstrip, the gold is on the tank battles, infantry combat..

leave em alone..

Live and Let die.


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23rd January 2008

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#27 10 years ago
Flashpoint2;4809799I think you are on the wrong track here, the problem is not people waiting for planes, it is people killing the person who gets into the cockpit first. So a pilot bare hands kit is actually a good idea and it has to be a requirement to fly (best give it a wrench though). For all I care half the team can stand and wait for planes as long as they dont f***in shoot the guy that gets the plane. This problem does not exist with tanks, perhaps you dont fly planes in public servers?

this happened to me the yesterday or something, on the crete map, then i got that british mg tank thing, and this guy started running after the me and the tank firing nades at me O.o then i just had to shot him to make him stop, then he respawned and followed me whit an god damn AT rifle, JUST to get the tank, then i jumped of the tank, he took it drove away O.o people are so strange at times..


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27th May 2008

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#28 10 years ago
N24Reporter;4809739And then? Same Problem would crop up as soon as most people finish the 30min. Plus you will see the problem shifting from camping for fighters/bombers to camping for the Scouts. ^^

It's by no means a panacea, but it might help the problem a little bit, such as denying access to people illustrated in Panel 5 of this comic:

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