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16th August 2004

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#11 14 years ago

i think that requires a lot of "funnycoding", and is not very realistic.

edit: realistic as in "it's not very likely to happen"


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24th October 2004

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#12 14 years ago

IDK what your talking about with adak island. Maybe the pubbies you play with are lacking in skills or somthing....but in any case I myself have seen this map won by me and my team on axis more than we have lost. If I where to put numbers to it it has been about 7 axis wins and 3 or 4 allied wins. Its about the tactics too...not just the weaponry. Also the battle of the buldge is VERY easy to beat if your on the axis team. Its just that everyone seems to have it stuck in their heads that crossing the river means instant death. It dosen't but people still won't cross bridges to push forward.

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2nd October 2003

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#13 14 years ago
CatraphactAdak island: Very rarely do I see the Japanese team win this.

This is one of my most favourite maps, and i always play axis on this map, and my team wins majority of the times. This map is all about stealth, thinking ahead, and caring for your virtual life. I don't know where you've been playing this map, but i've seen axis win much much more often then allies, and in majority of cases, the axis overrun the whole island and allies have no spawns left.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TO THOSE WHO AREE GOING TO SAY "OH, I'VE SEEN TEAM XX WIN A LOT OF TIMES ON MAP XX, ITS BALANCED. I am NOT talking about exceptional cases, but ask yourselves, does this happen very often? I think not.

Yes, it happens extremely often. The exceptional cases are when allies actually manage to defend the island from multiple axis insertion points.

Battle of the Bulge: Again, what exactly were you thinking lol. Its outrageous. The allies get a jumbo and all other gooides. The axis get KT and a p4h + stugs and Jagdpanzers. At the beginning, make the bleed stop when Axis cap 1 flag, or reduce Allied armored loadout. At the start, make the beginning ticket count the same, NOT less for the Axis.

I think the equipment is just fine, but you are right, the ticket bleed for axis in the beginning is ridiculous, and i can't believe it still hasn't been fixed

Gold Beach: It was hard enough. now its even more harder. Only 1 way too fix this. GIVE THE ALLIES MORE TICKETS IN THE BEGINNING! It has been said numerous times and yet, I am not sure why it hasn't been done.

Yes, was a great map. Got ruined by the "push" mode... which would have been acceptable if the tickets would have been adjusted, and the freaking "spawn on top of flag BS" been removed

Battle Isle: Great looking map. Great Potential. Ruined by...Garand VS Arisaka. Make all spawnable classes on the Japanese side Assault with Arisakas and all Amercians spawn with Assault springfield. It may not be realistic for 1944, but it would be a hell of a lot more fun. And thats what its about, fun.

I say make it Katana VS Knive only. :naughty:


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4th September 2004

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#14 14 years ago

Dont bitch about the PIII, rad is working on it, rad is god, he can take as long as he want with it, no matter how much we need it damn you! When the pIII gets here we will all have to wear sunglasses unless we want to be blinded with its beauty, nay-sayers will burn in its presense, the faithfull redeemed..!

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22nd March 2005

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#15 14 years ago


Catraphact [/color]

[color=black]Battle Isle: Great looking map. Great Potential. Ruined by...Garand VS Arisaka. Make all spawnable classes on the Japanese side Assault with Arisakas and all Amercians spawn with Assault springfield. It may not be realistic for 1944, but it would be a hell of a lot more fun. And thats what its about, fun.


[color=black][/color] [color=black]For realism's sake, it would be better to give the Japanese the Advantages they had which allowed them to fight hard rather than take away/add historically accurate/inaccurate weapons. The best examples of this are the Tanks and Sub machineguns. As weak as the Japanese tanks are, they were even weaker in real life and had no hope of destroying a Sherman (or even a Stuart in the Ha-Go's case). Their only real use was to attack infantry, and draw fire away for their own infantry.[/color] [color=black]The Japanese should be given the advantages they had in real life: heavy fortifications (and in some cases tunnels), and unconventional weapons (i.e.: the kamikaze, and 500kg bombs buried as anti tank mines) to combat superior Allied firepower. This may not apply so much to Battle Isle, but would certainly make a difference in other Pacific maps. [/color]


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24th March 2005

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#16 14 years ago

I remember this one thing the Japanese did, they tied mines to sticks and ran to tanks- suicide, but it worked.



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3rd October 2003

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#17 14 years ago

I love how everyone thinks the fh dev team is a single organized unit, that somehow decides who is doing exactly what and when.

guys... no...

we're just a mob of developers that does whatever. If something needs to be done, someone might pick it up, but if its not a huge prioity, most of us have other things we'd rather do. Its not like the team decided "omg, lets NOT do the panzer 3, and instead, spend all out time on making a polish tankette" thats not how it works.

we're just a bunch of guys that does stuff when we feel like doin stuff. so suggest it a few times and maybe someone will pick it up if they think its worth doing/fixing. if it doenst get picked up, that means no one has taken an intrest in it because theyr probly working on more important things themselves.


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28th March 2005

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#18 14 years ago

See, chaos does produce beauty :D


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24th May 2004

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#19 14 years ago

The guy who said this "Bulge is Extremely easy to win on the Axis..." Don't say you're serious. About Adak, I play on the WOLF serveR ALL the time, you've seen me there probably. I have YET to see the AXIS win on this map CONSISTENTLY enough to say its balanced. I've seen them lose too much. About Battle island: I stick to my original post. A BIT (not all about fun) of fun over realism. Also McGibs: I am not saying that you guys do a bad job. You guys do a great job, I thank you for it. But 1 mistake I think you made "If someone suggests it enough we might make it." I really think the P3 has been requested so much that now its almost like beating a dead horse. So I won't even bother. You're mod is very successful, warmest congratulations, but the secret to a good mod, is when the Devs listen to the widespread community request. Please make no more posts about the P3 in this thread, it attracts all the hawks. I regret at having even mentioned it.


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6th October 2003

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#20 14 years ago

Everytime the mix or numbers of infantry weapons gets changed, everytime a new vehicle or support weapon gets added, it can have a dramatic effect on every map where it appears. Our testers try to find these situations and report them, and our mappers try and make adjustments. But they can't equal the volume and variety of playing behavior found on a busy 24/7 server like Wolf. For us to get all the maps even close to perfectly balanced, we would need to stop adding anything new to the mod, and hire fulltime testers and have them play constantly for an extended period of time. This would take a lot of money, and would mean that every release would take much longer to get to an acceptable condition. That is why we rely one the fans to provide feedback, so we can improve the balance of the maps for the next version.