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10th April 2004

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#31 14 years ago

A great job you'all do. I can see that a lot of thing might well come out differently when played on WOLF or Dead Meat or even differ in aspects from player on each side of the ocean. Volume of players changes, strategies change, like dealing with a kid (or woman!). I like the Battle Isle suggestion of Sprinfield and knives vs. Arikas and katanas. Well, the rifles anyway. Adding an APC for the Japs would be great as well. Adak is great. I rank it along with Crete as fun to play. So different and winnable by the Japs. That is where their rifles really come in to play. IRL, I'm not sure the Japanese naval superiority played much into the battles but that's not a bad idea. Maybe a couple of torpedo boats on both sides would spice it up some. Bocage needs one cappable flag on the west side of the river and things would change greatly. Of course, it would be nice with Golde Beach - type terrain but that would be more work. All that space going to waste....