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3rd October 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Well this to make suggestion about sounds and effect that come with them. If you have your own suggestion about this, post right ahead.

-Now in FH1 while your in the tank and get hit you hear a "thud", but how about in FH2 when you get hit you hear a "Thud" you should feel a shell shock effect of some sort but not as strong as on foot. You wont feel the shell shock if the shell bounces off (slope armor) but you hear the "Thud".

-You shouldn't hear random shots, explosion and scream in the distance for example like in Charli sector. If its possible (codedable) make it so that gunshot, ect from the player would echo and replace those ramdon sound effects instead.

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30th May 2006

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#2 12 years ago

All good! The more sound effects the higher the immersion!

But I would like the Devs to to get their first release done and then perhaps add features like this later.


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10th July 2006

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#3 12 years ago

How about a slightly longer range for the sound from the medium & light bombers? Ohh, & on the new create map where axis para in to start the map just once I would like to find & shoot one of those 3 foot tall crickets! At least they sound like they are big enough to gnaw off a leg for a snack IMHO.:D It would also be nice to have the sound of dirt/rock/wood/body parts/whatever showering down around you after an HE round explodes close enough to shower you & leave you alive & able to hear. Too close & your deaf for a while if not permanently deaf &/or dead. Short of being hit in the front glacias of a tank I believe any time a tank takes a round hearing should be reduced to 50% for some time or hit hard enough permanently deaf & never hear anything else till you respawn or to the point of being completely deaf by a LOUD snap sound to shock the ears from speakers & mask room noise momentarily & then nothing that slowly fades in to a ringing in your ears then have some of your hearing fading back in over some period of time. It would also be cool if your tank taking a hard hit has spalling on the inside & you take some slight health damage inside the tank if hit in the right spot. Might add a sence of urgency to making that next shot count.:smokin: There was a show on Discovery HD/Nat. Geographic/Science channel one of those that was a dramatization of the eruption of Krackatoa, the loudest sound ever heard by man on this planet, that simulated an 3xtrem3ly loud sound & what it does to your hearing perfectly. I have been sonic shocked deaf a time or 2 & the way they simulate it is scary accurate. Heavy naval gunfire should do this as well & if your to close to the muzzle of a large calibre gun maybe. Just my wish list of what I think would be accurate & cool.:)