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27th September 2004

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#31 10 years ago
Von Mudra;4796548I think we should just look back into Robot banzai charges....

...and rideable wolves.


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23rd December 2005

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#32 10 years ago

'[WOLF Ionizer;4801787']Spawn wave time in FH1 was a server side setting, I believe.[/quote]

Yup. IIRC there's commands for both spawn time and spawn wave time as well, but I haven't played around with them much (I have wave time on 5 seconds which is fine for LAN play and map testing).

[quote=Wilhelm;4801811]...and rideable wolves.

Should I mention the Nieblerwerfer, motrocycle and M**s too? Of course, the M**s is the only FH2-meme that can hold a candle to robot banzai charges and rideable wolves. Nieblerwerfer and motrocycle are significantly lower-key.

Actually your username reminds me, any chance we can get the Wilhelm Scream as a random death sound in FH2?


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15th February 2004

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#33 10 years ago

I diddnt recall the fact that it was used in BF1942. Well, I always thaught the gameplay was gr8 in 1942