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28th September 2004

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#11 14 years ago
Uhh... Not to be rude, but please, think about the suggestion for atleast 10 minutes before posing it.

For whatever it's worth, I have been thinking about this one a lot before posting it, as I do with all my suggestions.

(...) Immersion is lost since these scaled down battles are stilled conveyed in real-time standards.

Like when a beat-up tank is repaired in one minute? Like when I can train a rifleman in one minute in RTS games when it should've taken many months? Yup, that's the downside. But it's part of games and mostly can't be avoided.

Whats worse, people will tend towards meter watching. Meaning they'll have more incentive to hang around waterholes and trucks than go fight a battle. It kind of reminds me of that area in Golden Sun where you had to cross a desert by running from oasis to oasis. And if you couldn't find the other oasis, you'd run back to the last one to refill your meter before ya took damage.

I'm not talking about a rapid depletion. More like a slow, gradual thing over time. So no, you wouldn't have to make desperate, frantic dashes to get to oases. And if players could be bothered (maybe by means of point system?) to send trucks with ammo, health, water, etc. to where-ever there was no water, there'd be no problem at all.

I'd like to assume that the soldier I'm impersonating has been taking good care of himself while he's been out there for the last few weeks/months.

That's a pretty big assumption, though. Especially considering that many soldiers couldn't take good care of themselves due to lack of supplies, etc.

Sure this would be "cool" but does it improve gameplay? I think not, actually I think losing health/stamina if not drinking water every 10 mins would just be annoying.

I'm not suggesting a rapid depletion of your stats, just this slow thing you'll notice over time. And choosing your bottle and holding primary fire to drink from it every ten minutes (if you're not near a water source) doesn't qualify as "annoying" to me. Not more annoying than having to re-load your gun or have your vehicle sit completely still doing nothing while being repaired.

Does it fit the genre? FH2 is a FPS that simulates WWII battles, so I don't see what drinking water has to do with it. If you want a life simulator, get The Sims.

I don't recall The Sims featuring FPS combat against German tanks. It'd be fun to shoot up some ghosts, though:D. And if I recall correctly, it's a doll-house simulator, not a life simulator [/smart-ass].

And dehydration was a part of World War II battles in Africa, I imagine. So yes, it fits in as this game simulates World War II battles in Africa.


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3rd July 2006

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#12 14 years ago

I don't think that would be a good idea... what would happen to snipers? or people going recon? It wouldn't be fun. I like the historically accurate vehicles, and uniforms, and weapons, etc. in that sense of realism... but the game should still be fun. I think this would annoy people, and probably turn into some people camping like a stalemate to whore a water source.

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1st May 2005

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#13 14 years ago
GrethI don't think that would be a good idea... what would happen to snipers? or people going recon?

Well they shouldn't go running through the desert heat on foot...just like in a real desert! :-)

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