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There's a satchel on your tank

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6th December 2004

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#61 12 years ago

Pietje;3849556It kind of depends on the map aswell. Some maps have a rather large amount of foliage that makes it somewhat easy to sneak up on tanks.

I think it would be a pretty good idea if tankers get the choice of closing or opening the hatch, if this gets in that is, besides being able to use your pistol/SMG/depending on country to teach that person a lesson. Its rather strange and unrealistic that the hatch is always open on certain tanks. People have absolutly NO trouble throwing handgrenades, though. Just take a look at BF2 where handgrenades are in alot of cases the primary weapon of people and they seem to have little difficulty throwing them at tank, yes it does damage a tank, let alone at other infantry. In some cases cases you see more grenades then bullets in BF2.

Its not that simple to get infantry to support you. Im afraid most of the time they drive off in a truck and leave me behind. :uhm:

No trouble throwing them. But with accuracy that's a different story. Unlike BF where nades do damage tanks, players wouldn't be just lobbing nades at the tanks general direction and getting results. The fact that nades are pratically the poor mans artillery has more to do with the absurd number of nades players are issued than anything else.

Still even then we're not talking about plinking nades on the hull, we're talking about hitting a specific spot on the tank that really isn't as simple as just tossing a nade wildly.

As for a tank crew never meeting such an end, it actually has occurred outside of Hollywood and nades or crazy guys firing into hatches have been the notable points of several medal of honor citations I've read that I'll need to track down again.

All I'm saying is that if there's a hole in the top of the tank for whatever reason, something should be able to fall into it.;)