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28th May 2003

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#41 15 years ago

Stugs were produced in greater numbers then any German tank, even the Panzer IV.

If FH would really want to be 100 % accurate you would have to use Panzer IV and Stugs in nearly every map untill you are fed up with them. I actually hope they never do that.

Stug started out as an assualt gun, and evaluated into a tank killer going through many versions, so maybe 2 versions in FH is a little under-represented seen it's availability on nearly every battlefield and long time of production. But almost every ( German ) fighting vehicle had many versions, they ofcourse can't be all represented in FH.

I would also like them with a nice camouflage skin or netting instead of that dull grey skin that doesn't look that much diffrent form the DICE one.