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21st August 2003

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#41 10 years ago

37mm Tungsten carbide ammo is badass.

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25th September 2004

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#42 10 years ago
N24Reporter;4833916As much as I would like to enjoy that story, with both those points it doesn't sound very plausible... sorry...

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4th July 2006

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#43 10 years ago
Thorondor123;483418237mm Tungsten carbide ammo is badass.

Plus a probable higher muzzle velocity.

The Panther's 75mm main gun actually had the muzzle velocity to beat the Tiger I's 88mm main gun in penetration stats.

So a good round and making it really fast can allow it to penetrate farther than a larger, slower round.

However, there still would be the issue of heavy and sloped Russian armor.


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#44 10 years ago

Sloped armor isn't going to help you when the aircraft is firing perpendicular-ly to your slope. Plus I'm sure the armor on the turret wasn't as strong as its armor around the front sides and back. So aiming there would be a much softer target.

Found a nice vid clip of them talking about the Stuka in its tanks busting role, Some gratuitous battle clips too...



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2nd August 2006

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#45 10 years ago

A good stuka pilot should fraps himself using the window to spot a target with good use, would be good promotion :P


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19th November 2007

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#46 10 years ago

Don't you dare to change anything than siren in my beloved stuka, I kill you! If you make it easy it's no more fun to fly it and even bigger numbers of noobs will swarm on the airfield using planes only to rack up kills/score than actually helping their team. They'd do much better as a canon fodder on the front lines.

Making stuka an easy fly would also take away that "hunting" feel when you make circles on the edge of view distance and try to spot your pray.

It moves like a cow you say? Try the stukas from 2.0 and feel the difference. Making it more 'newbie friendly' will make it lame and take away the veteran/ace status from players that actually trained in SP and then MP to be able to fly with what they got instead of posting "it's hard to fly - change it!" suggestion. That kind of attitude really puts me off.

Guys, keep in mind that support planes (Stuka, 40mm hurri) are made for destroying obstacles (tanks and emplacements) which your team finds on its way to victory. Scoring as much kills at it get doesn't apply here.


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14th February 2009

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#47 10 years ago

I remeber the stukas of FH 42 oh god, those where good/bad days good when u where axis, bad when u where allies