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22nd October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Has anyone heard of sub ram. I was having a hard time finding memory sticks that fit my computer, so I took it into the shop and the girl told me I subram which is supposedly better than ddr and waaaaaaaay more expensive. Being the lowly smacktard that I am, I thought i'd offer it up to the pro's.

Specs windows xp p4 (1.7 i think) Gforce 4 4200ti 30 gb pavilion 7960\ 128mb "sub ram"


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10th August 2002

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#2 15 years ago

No, no such thing as "SubRam". She is probably talking about SD-Ram. Your motherboard determines what type of ram your computer will use. Your HP board probably takes SD-Ram. In which case you can get a 512mb of SD-Ram for under $40. You can get a new motherboard that takes DDR-Ram. This is probably the best RAM for the money. It is close to "twice" as fast as SD-Ram but like I said you will have to buy a motherboard that is compatible with both DDR-Ram and your processor. You can also go with RD-Ram which is more expensive and well... I really don't like it.

Let me know what you want to do and I can get you a pretty good deal.