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#1 14 years ago

Operation Barbarossa: Hitlers Invasion of the Ukraine Battle of Kiev: USSR vs Germany Battle of River Plate: Naval Battle - UK vs Germany The Battle of the River Plate (December 13, 1939) was the first major naval battle of World War II, which resulted in the eventual sinking of the German pocket battleship - heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee by scuttling, ending her successful three-month campaign against British merchant shipping. The British force, comprising the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter (six 8 inch guns) and light cruisers HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles (both eight 6 inch guns), engaged the German cruiser close to the estuary of the Rio de la Plata, or Silver River, between Argentina and Uruguay. Following intense gunnery action where the German cruiser had the advantage of longer range and heavier guns, while the British were able to divide fire, the Graf Spee eventually headed for Montevideo harbour in Uruguay. ( If the map is possible can the ships recoinassance planes and torpedo launchers. Also the map should not be just water remember that this battle took place near the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay so at least some coast should be seen and you can add WW2 buildings on the coast to make it look like the City of Montevideo and the famous Harbour where the Graf Spee was scuttled. The harbour can fix ships and supply ammo. Also the Harbour should have merchant ships etc. ) Exeter had been severely damaged in the battle, and British propaganda efforts were made to convince Captain Hans Langsdorff of the Graf Spee that an overwhelming British force was being assembled, when in fact only the heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland was available and was being sent from the Falkland Islands. Intense negotiations were undertaken, Uruguay being neutral. While the ship was prevented from leaving the harbour, Captain Langsdorff consulted with his command in Germany. He received orders that permitted various options, but not internment in Uruguay. He chose to scuttle his ship in the Rio de la Plata estuary (December 17) to avoid risk to the crew, a decision that is said to have infuriated Hitler. The crew of the Graf Spee was taken to Buenos Aires, where Captain Langsdorff subsequently committed suicide. Graf Spee 62leprt004-Graf-Spee.jpg Map of the River Plate (Note that the River Plate is the widest river in the world) The battle took place around the zones, which they dont mean nothing disregard them. The British Force came from the Falkland Islands down in the south; so obviusly they should spawn down south and the Graf Spee up on top rioplata.jpg

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The Achillies was crewed by New Zealanders, in almost all respects a NZ ship, only it was owned by Britain. I don't understand how a map like this would work, would you win as the Allies by waiting until the Graf Spree was scuttled? or destroying it yourself? A pretty impossible job with the ships you have


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expect a kiev map soon in our server rotation at forgottenmaps!