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#1 16 years ago

With all the pandering going on for new vehicles, new skins, and Panzer III's, I find myself more thrilled with new possibilities of gameplay that new maps offer rather than new 'toys.' Gosh, since I've gotten FH, I haven't played vanilla in like a year or so. But I seem to recall gameplay in "Road to Rome" that hasn't been recaptured in FH. Monte Casino with its slender-gaming field and battling uphill just hasn't been available in FH... but damn I'd like to see that. That kind of push map would fun. No need for a new army... just Americans vs. Germans. A 'king of the hill' map Battle of Salerno from RTR could afford to be refined and translated to FH... not necessarily Italian theatre. Perhaps the battle of Longstop Hill in the Medjerda Campaign of Tunisia would make a great map. Two hills connected by a ridge, one lower than the other. And I sure missed Operation Husky, and I'd sure love it again if a compressed amphibious assault map FH style was made like that... something that was a little more dynamic than Omaha Beach. I really liked the custom map FH Juno Beach myself. And for that matter, the British counter-invasion of Norway would make a great map, with British amphibious forces assaulting up two or three different fjords held by Germans. The Germans would have U-boats and aircraft, the British their Liberty Ship, carrier and PoW. And I have to admit that Battle Isle lacked character after awhile. I would have liked to have seen more contour, maybe shallow creeks... as in a Japanese v. British map in Malaysia or Burma. Hmm... just suggestions. But I think gameplay is FH's greatest strength. Nevertheless, were it not for this post, I could have said that I never could have wished for more than what the FH team has given us.

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#2 16 years ago

how bout Bocage i mean u have all that open land with all the flags in the middle. i thought it was oupposed to be fiiled wiht hedgerows and stuff. i barely see 5 trees.


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21st January 2005

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#3 16 years ago

There is more bocage in gold beach than in the map bocage...

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#4 16 years ago

marvingardens knows the score. RTR maps owned (hell, SWOWW2 maps were kinda cool too). FH seems to be churning out maps after maps after maps that are just re-makes of each other. although with every patch of new maps there is a couple of good ones. its sad to see so many, that are quite frankly, crap. i dont mean to offend anyone, but it just seems that the FH mappers are copying off each other with map designs :(

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#5 16 years ago

Aye. But thinking that Italians are on their way, Im positive that the devs will create Operation Husky and many other _important_ battles of Italy. I loved RTR maps a lot more than I loved Secret Weapons maps. Maps like Anzio, Salerno, Monte Cassino and Husky would be awesome to see in FH. But not as just remakes, but as devs own visions of those battles. I mean, I loved original vanilla Omaha Beach, but FH's Charlie just rocks my boat even more, thats a perfect examble of what I am looking forward to. Heck, Operation Husky is the main thing I miss in FH, and I would be really sad if a map of that kind wouldnt make it to the italian patch. Please, ArminAce, TurboTiger... use your magic touch with these subjects and bring us Italy at its best. :D Even poland gets its two maps, italy deserves at least 3 (Cassino, Anzio, Husky) :)


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#6 16 years ago

how about Burma Pow Camp 1945 i am working on this infantry map a map play light vehicle and mortar


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#7 16 years ago

I also think that it would be more interesting to get something new than just skins, weapons, armies etc. And map-types is good alternative. I am tired of conquest. Clear objectives of attacking and defending would be cool. No1 likes to work with wrench so the objectives have to be something else than just repairing for the defenders side. I would also like to see that the defender needs ammo, a supply train maybe... In addition a towable artillery (suggested also in these forums) would be natural for the attacking side. Revealing that arty beforehand and calling for an airstrike would be an interesting task for scouts, and why not to try to take the enemies by himself... Old conquest style could be augmented with some kind of air flag, something new to do for the pilots. About Italian maps, POE converted some of them in their production. Dunno about the popularity though. Edit: Why the text "I'm too cool to Post"?