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11th January 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Battle of bulge was launched by the Germans. The Americans were caught off guard and were attacked in surprise. The current FH map, however, shows no element of surprise. Once the map finishes loading, playeres on the american side are well prepared for the incoming German attack. In most of the cases, ironically, it is the German main base getting bombed first and you would not know which side is the offender. Inferior army sometimes needs surprising attack strategy to defeat more powerful army. Since we can't correctly illustrate surprise attack in FH/FH2 maps, can the map creators consider giving some advantages to the offenders in the future surprising attack maps to reflect the historical battles? In the map of the battle of bulge, I would let the Germans to take the front flags easily (1. to stop the ticket bleeding the german side has much lower ticket already; 2. to reflect the fact that the Germans won the first engagement.) Set the Americans to spawn at the locations distant from the front flag with less armors then it minimizes the chance that the Germans meet an army of bazooka at the front line at initial contact. The Americans then regroup to counterattack from their main base (more armors?) to push the Germans back. One last thing I hope that all future maps are made mainbase artillery-proof :) .