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#11 13 years ago
Major Hartmann;4243467I just looked into the files of 2pdr and 37mm: The 2pdr is noticably stronger, and the damage decrease over range is the same.

I haven't seen that ingame. The 37mm has about the same damage as the 40mm, which is to say almost none, but the 37mm has a better trajectory, speed and is more accurate. The 2pdr is really just pathetic in some maps like Alam Halfa, where the only vehicle it can one-hit-kill is a Panzer II or a halftrack. It takes 4 or 5 side shots from long range to kill a Panzer III or IV, and they can usually figure out where I am after 2. :P

In FH1 it was not like this. I clearly remember being able to destroy tanks with the Daimler with 2 shots from long range.

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#12 13 years ago

The 37mm is a little bit faster, which causes the better trajectory, but the 2pdr is 25% more accurate. @Mokusaku: Opening the files you only just need wordpad, but it's somewhat difficult to "read" what's in there.

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