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4th February 2006

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#31 13 years ago
Hawk_345Well if this could work why not be abler to climb onto a tank and drop a grenade in disabling all inside or killing all inside, they did do this in ww2.[/quote] Sounds very savingprivateryanish, you know going up to a tiger and just because you're Tom Hanks with a thompson that can shoot through bullet proof glass:rolleyes: . Not being able to do this is to simulate the infantry around you that would normally accompany a tank(:cya:don't forget them) . BTW how many players can FH2 support? I'd be for it if you could have enough support like in RL then you could nade tanks and kill infantry to your hearts content with which I wish you luck. BTW there should be a dumbass mode where when you pull out a can opener and nades, he feels uncomfortable and light headed cause the player is obviously going to do something suicidal/brave but mostly dum (lmao hehehe but seriously). [quote=Jetro]I'd imagine there could be a place in main that a tank could be repaired/re-crewed at. Depends on what hits it, where it gets it, angle, ect. A panzerfaust would make short work of a shermans crew and probably set the tank on fire, but not neccesarily blow-up the tank. On the other hand an 88 will mostly likely destroy most(or all) of the crew and the tank. The tanks will still be able to take damage, but lending startegic importance to how you damage a tank makes it much more interesting.

88 down the center of a sherman hitting the fuel = tommy cooker:cool: . I hope FH2 tanks will take damage just like in RL:deal: and for the discussion on tank positions, I've said it once before but there should be a version for public and clan servers where public server tanks would be like FH1 tanks and FH2 would be like those in Red Orchestra(but work on the Red O. version/RL version later). I also hope that with this tank crew of five and one person in control you will lose tickets for each crew member killed:confused: . And turret traverse by keys needs to be implemented as well as realistic rotation speed.( tired of that jerky s**t in FH1):mad: And for later revisions of the mod, what about the bergepanther/bergetiger or lighter repair vehicle to tow away vehicles. Also I think that both sides should have an inventory of tanks/vehicles just like tickets which they can implement when they want and in numbers that they want but that's just a dream:bawl: unless devs can turn it into a reality :). Peace!!:beer: