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29th April 2006

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#11 11 years ago

'[130pz.Kading;4829377']i disagree, it simulates a crew that trains and fights together every day. a well trained team of anything can think as one. also, most communication inside a tank is non-verbal, sometimes consisting of kicking, nudging, and nonsensical grunting and shouting.

for my own part, i have noticed that when operating machinery, words take too long, and grunts, shouts, taps, and hand signals work much faster.

furthermore, every team is different in terms of comms they use. so if you put in sound effects, it would be great to see a wide range of shouts, rather than the standard and boring "fire".

yea, FH2 is meant to be played by multinational players right? how could a Polish Tank Commander play with an Indian Driver? especially in tanks like stug it would be extremely painful.


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19th November 2007

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#12 11 years ago

Player stats (max5):

Aim: 5 Reflex:4 Inteligence:4 Experience:5 Linguistics:1

Err... nope won't do. Next!


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#13 11 years ago

As other have said, I dont think its a good idea gameplay wise, or even looking at it from a realistic perspective.

Cooperating with a tank driver and a hull gunner is more then enough.^ Whenever I drive with one they shoot around and yeah, its already been said. Whenever I find myself in the hull gunner position the tank driver dont seem to care that he got an extra machine gun to use so they make you shoot out in the desert while the tank gun is pointed towards an enemy position.

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16th December 2005

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#14 11 years ago

This is a bit of "singleplayer/coop games" kind of thinking... cooperation on small scale like this could be super exciting if say, there was a WW2 mod to L4D, where you and your buddies need to charge through an area in a tank, someone driving, someone shooting, someone checking the map or look out for zombi,,,eeh I mean enemies, the fourty perhaps in the MG or repairing etc... where you and 3 guys you know, and can talk to can play..

I mean.. we allready have tanks with MG position, we can have "tank-crew" if 4 guys make a squad, take a tank and cooperate - MG, repair, lookout or what-nots... Sometimes it happens, and it's alot of fun. But we don't want to make the tanks useless unless you are 3 communicating guys working together. Most people like to tank alone (well together with other tanks, but usually tankers think that they are king of their tank, and wouldn't like to be forced to rely on other players).

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