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6th October 2003

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#71 15 years ago

Anlushac11I do not feel the Japs are being neglected per se. The Japs didnt operate aircraft in a close support role to the extent the Western Nations and Soviets did. The only aircraft I have heard of being used in a close air support role were some Ki-45 Toryu's in CBI theatre and Vals in the Pacific and that was rare. I seem to remember reading this had to do with a lack of field radios.

As far as ground forces there is not alot of difference between IJA and the Japanese special naval landing forces and most of the equipment is represented. Vehicles are pretty well done except for the Ho-Ni and some artillery pieces.

The main thing missing is IJAAF aircraft which I have already made a thread about and requested a list of aircraft. I have also in past listed IJN ships needed. In paticular a cruiser and actual Jap submarine.

I wasn't referring to their air power (though they did have a whole crapton of planes in service) but their general amount of equipment. They have no SMG, they lack a lot of their LMGs, have NO ARTILLERY, have no TDs, have very few of their light tanks, have crappy maps where they get slaughtered, they have a few nifty toys, but nothing effective enough to make me want to be on their team.

Japan needs a lot more love.

THEN we can add weird Brittish planes.