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8th September 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I have been playing FH and I love it and the way you are trying to add more accurate weapons for each year the war was fought but I noticed that on maps like Wake Island you are using the wrong anti-aircraft machinegun, Although you call it A Browning you are using the default H2 heavy barrel version when early on in the war they used the water cooled version, I have included some pics of it. I know its too late for FH42 but in the FH2 version can you plz put the right gun in? [ATTACH]42704[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42705[/ATTACH] Also for most of the Japanse machineguns on maps and planes were not the type96 or type 99 as I am not sure which you are using on the rear or planes, Most stationary machineguns for the japanese were the type 92 aka the woodpecker and on the Val and Kate they used type M92 Lt.MG similar to the British Lewis gun and that Machinegun you guys have blocks the view to one side on you cannot see the enermy planes coming in from that side. So again for FH2 can you please use the right machineguns? Keep up the great work. :deal: :feedback: :rock: :tommygun: :flag: :goal: