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16th November 2003

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#1 13 years ago

I very glad to see some work being put into this concept but if needs to be fixed. German tanks often used camo all over the tanks since its main use was to hide from Allied air cover. Also, the Bush on the Stug stnds about 4 feet tall. We need more shrubs and branches covering much more of the tank and it could be a very good feature in FH since I've never seen it done well outside an RTS. I even remember some pics of a group of Cromwells doing it to allow them to ambush better. It looked great even on Allied tanks. Also, all positions in the tank need to be tested with the camo. The gunsight is more usable then people say but jump on the StuG's MG (which I use more then I thought) and you get nothing but leaves in your sight. Maybe a couple leaves could appear in the gunsight corners to remind you that you have that cover advantage.