This would be a good map idea: Airborne and amphib attack on Corregidor 1945 -1 reply

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17th July 2003

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#1 12 years ago

History Channel had a very good show on "Lost Evidence: Luzon"

I think it would make a good map being it combined paratroop drop and amphibious assault in the Pacific on a 5 square mile island.

Here is a Wikipedia entry on it.

In February 1945 the US needed to seize Manila harbor to be able to shorten their overstretched supply lines from the beaches.

It was determined the Allies would have to control Corregidor otherwise Japanese gun positions could fire on and sink any transports coming into the harbor.

The 503rd RCT was parachuted onto the Topside while 1000 Army troops of the 3rd Btn of the 34th Rgt of the 24th Inf Div landed on the beach below Malinta hill.

The troops thought they were facing only a couple hundred Japanese but it quickly was determined they were facing a couple thouand.

Fighting lasted for 11 days, some of it fierce hand to hand combat.

Last action was on monkey Point when a Sherman tank was called up to blast a bunker. The Sherman detonated a ammo cache that when detonated blew the Sherman tank 30 feet into the air and caused a crater 70 feet wide and 30 feet deep. 54 Paratroopers were killed and over 250 Japanese.