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7th May 2004

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#21 14 years ago
Neighbor KidOk i see hat the transversing speed on tanks should be most deffeninatly slowed down, and one thing may be add the M4A3E2 Jumbo Easy 8. But most importantly turret speed of tanks NEEDS TO BE SLOWED!And we should have back berlin outskirts that was an amazing map!

I agree with you on that! Tanks move way too fast, and are used more like anti-infantry that their true use witch was to stand and fight vehicles/attack citys. Tanks that show this are the BT-7, KT or as it's called now the RT, and the IS2. All of witch are way too fast, a TK can't go 60 MPH it's engene was way too small for it's size, and the same thing was true for the IS2. Tanks were lunbering slow, but devastating weapons, not fast attack craft like they can be used now a days. Remember WW2 was the age of the tank, and many tanks were still slow, and not vary easy to use. The tanks that are right in FH would be the Matilda MK2, Churchill, Tiger, Panzer2,Panzer4 Note: not the H/F2s they are still too fast, and the T-34-85. This would make tanks less easy to use and more realistic in that they are slower. Meaning you can't run and gun as well witch most tanks in WW2 did not do anyway, and would promote teamwork by making them so you need more than one tank to do the job. Plus tank battles would be more intense, if the reloading on all tanks was set to a number of seconds, most tanks were loaded by hand still and could not fire more than 12 rounds per minute.


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#22 14 years ago
it is possible to have it like united offensive, so your not dragging your mouse, so the camera moves fast but you wait a second or two for the turret to catch up

I like the way it works in UO as well, but i dont think its possible with the bf1942 engine.