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8th May 2005

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#1 13 years ago

When i think about breaktrough or goodwood i think about beautiful designed maps with a large amount of vehicle, beautiful landscape, hard dogfights (break) or large artilleryduells (goodwood) and many many ours of fun i.g. total slaughter:smokin: After an half an hour of playing you look at the right corner, consider the tickets your team left right now, soon thereafter ( maybe a few mins laterroll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif) you look again to the counter and realize no f*****g ticketbleed:D it doesnt matter what flags your team holds, nearly. Not only on these 2 maps but these are the hardest examples, i think. Couldn`t we change to a more conservative ticketbleedsystem like majority holds and minority lost like in most the other, especially dicemaps. Now, it makes absolut no tatical difference if you lose a point or not, players, not only me, are pretty bored after a while. To solve the balance issue the headstart should be just higher than now, i think on break and goodwood twice the tickets as axis and maybe slower ticketbleed (a little bit). Just a thought, dont kill me for that. It`s not meant so offence as it looks like:beer: i know my english aint that good:smokin: