Turrets, 88s, Bots and the commo-rose -1 reply

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30th May 2003

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#61 10 years ago
mydjinny;4754232Again, I reiterate about the need for two speeds on vehicles, one is what we currently have, the other is trot speed (using the dash key, or vice-versa, full speed pressing dash-key). Its a logistic importance, which I really think will make both MP and SP that much more coordinated, and I think its really, really feasible.

If this were possible, we would have it already.


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2nd August 2006

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#62 10 years ago

Dismissive aren't we?...

I was thinking, tt is possible in BF2142 (A similar engine) and I figured, since there is the freelook and flares key, one could be possible for slow-down (If not the dash-key)... Pitty then - If there is some workaround, I would really recommend such an architecture for more team-play...

Still the commo-rose idea exists...

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3rd January 2009

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#63 10 years ago

Another incredibly useful thing would be a low gear on vehicles, even if it was just a system where the car has more "torque" at low speeds so can climb steeper hills. I would find that useful. But it really seems the BF2 engine is biting us in the ass over in modworld, eh? We'll see how the next engine turns out.