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28th September 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Note: This is a "what if-" thread and no more. I don't expect anyone to release a 2v1 map (or 2v2 map or whatever) any time soon, so this is just for discussing what could be done with the idea.

PBF: Will there be any "handicap" maps, where two armies fight one, i.e. Germany's and Finland's assualt on Leningrad. (The two armies don't have to be cooperating.) FH: We will explore the possibilities of the BF 2 engine to determine if we can include more then two armies in a map, but if it’s possible, you can expect to see multiple armies ganging-up.

For example, let's say you have a two-against-one map with the Brits and Americans against the Germans. How would it be handled? I suppose the best way would be to divide tickets and players fairly (Germany has 200 tickets and US and UK have 100 each, for example), but what about the finer details:

Should Brits see Americans on the map and vice versa, for example?

What happens when a control point is taken? For example, if the British start with a control point and the Germans take it, can the Americans re-capture it and make it theirs or will it go back to the original side when "liberated" (like it was in Axis&Allies)? Will Brits be able to "spawn" at US control points and vice-versa?



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#2 13 years ago

it would be under the ranking countrys flag and there are allies so you the same with the flag thing i just said but it would be like 31 in a map 15 on the german side and 8 each for the brits and yanks i gest that is all IMO