Vehicle you would like to see in FH2? -1 reply

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17th August 2006

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#91 13 years ago

Is there any chance for the lost vehicles to be remade?

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19th February 2007

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#92 13 years ago

there is always a chance

Flippy Warbear

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2nd January 2004

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#93 13 years ago
'[FtN|GT Die Happy;4344273']there is always a chance

And hope. I would love to see the commander version of the hanomag that was lost in the crash. But the PaK version would be fantastic aswell. Keeping thumbs up for possibilities.


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19th March 2008

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#94 13 years ago

Backups, backups, backups. Or just put all your work on a disc and put that in a vault deep underground guarded by a dragon.

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31st July 2004

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#95 13 years ago

Its been such a long time since i posted here on the forums. As well all know my favorite tank..... well obviuosly imma have to say M4 M4A(American version) M4A2( marines and ruskies L&L) M4A3 M4A4 for common wealth troopers =) M4AE2 M4A3E8 and teh 76mm upgrade version with T23 turret on all they shermans =) id love to see all these in the game in teh final project lol =)


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#96 13 years ago

I love the FH2 Kubel and the new Kettenkrad, but what about the Schwimwagon?