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11th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Is there any chance of a walkthrough being introduced for the game? It would be awesome if there was a resource which compiled basic topics of the game but also provided specifics about the weapons we have at our disposal. I know we have the Wiki but it is terribly basic.For example, it says we have a deployable mortar kit but I have never seen it in game. I am confused about the exact capabilities of many weapons like the No.73 Thermos grenade (specifically the blast radius) and would appreciate hard data on ballistic and blast properties of all the weapons we have at our disposal. In fact we have an active post right now about the sniper rifles capabilities. Way back in the day, someone did the same for DC and it was a great resource to have. This info would also mimic the Soldier's handbooks that were so highly common during WW2. In fact, last weekend I was looking at some medical handouts in a Legion display (as well as some potato mashers and jungle enfields) and the thought came about that we don't have any resource that properly documents the properties of the weapons and items we have in game. Why not? Devs please comment... I understand some things are fun as secrets but for the good of the FH2 mod community, the more we players understand, the less you have to explain to us.


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19th November 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Well, everyone can make a lil'o'tut by his own and later make a compilation of tutorials. Maybe it would be a bit like Frankensteins monster but still a very usefull monster saying "Hi" to the newcomers.

I'll try to make a Stuka tutorial this weekend for instance (booked).