What map you hate/dislike the most? -1 reply

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#31 12 years ago

Like the Operation Hyacinth map, but hate the way that it has come to be played of late. Lots of German campers in or very near the British spawn (with no strategic assets to speak of for them to attack so they are just spawn camping). And it is too easy for a MG to cover any road and kill a truck coming from British spawn. Plus the drive is just plain tedious for the Brits with the controls we have. If a smart squad leader can get to the town and survive so that his squad members can spawn on him, the Brits have a fighting chance. The combat inside the town is great, but play styles of late make it difficult for the Brits to get there. I think the map needs a few more British spawn points so the Germans can't cover the only access (of which in real life they had no clue).