What type of mini-map do you want in FH 2? -1 reply

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14th June 2005

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#41 15 years ago

FuzzyBunnyThe same town for various armies in:

German: OBERHINTERBERGSEEHEIMSTINKENGURKENBACHWEILERSTADT Italian: Ahhmammamiastupidovafainculostronzoespressogelateria Greek: Iklosbartokomosnostromosbaklavaarsitotelesopolis Finnish: Harappataraparappattaravappattaramattapparappattuuu US English: Sounds like "wet maggot fence splicer", can't pronounce kraut words UK English: Wogville (it's all wogs east of Calais, Mildred) French: Ahh, zee place, zee cafe wees zee mademoiselles, my heart, eet , how you say, cries out for eet Russian: Borschtvopkromogrofogovostokogradski Japanese: NOBU HARAKIRI TEKKA-MAKI SASHIMI-TO NO BANZAIII! Polish: Same name as Russian, only grumpier Chinese: Three symbols, first one looks like a hat with a penis, second one like a refrigerator with three lines through it and a box around it, third one like my aunt martha wearing leg braces and brushing her teeth Hungarian: Hrvkrskrksky prntny vkspkvkrpskv Australian: 'At 'ere hawl, the wun with the sheilas, y'knawwoddahmeyn, Bruce?

Needless to say, this would be tremendously complicated and lend itself to innumerable perversions of various languages. Now, let me think, are there any nations that participated in WWII which I haven't managed to piss off? :-)



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20th August 2005

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#42 15 years ago

Sounds very good, nice suggestion Seed


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2nd March 2004

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#43 15 years ago

Even if the minimap isn't posted on the screen full-time and instead is quicky accessible, I WOULD mind if it started getting terribly nerfed.

Why? In real life if your friend is over there 50 yards away, 3 minutes later he'd probably still be there. In BF/BF2/FH/FH2 three minutes means he's probably died 6 times and is now flying a P-51 over your head.

All I'm saying is that a realistic amount of tactical info is out of place in an accelerated gameplay in FH. I'm all for more immersion and more thinking on the part of the soldier, but don't go nuts blindly.

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2nd January 2004

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#44 15 years ago

At least in BF42 its possible to have the minimap not show on the screen at the top right corner, but make it appear normally to full screen version when you hit your map button. Dunno about BF2.


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12th March 2005

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#45 15 years ago

Actually, I don't really care if there is a satellite image or a drawn map. But I'm leaning towards the drawm map idea. :)


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7th February 2004

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#46 15 years ago

hmmm I always loved the minimap as the tool to get the team together, espacially in and organized environment like during a BFE battle. Will the printed map still have arrows running around on them ?

If not then you HAVE to make a compass or something to make orientation possible without knowing the map like your pocket. I liked the way it worked in Operation Flashpoint and since FH2 maps won't be that Giant it should be possible to live without the minimap although it will make recognition pretty tough, but realistic. (if we lock out tanks) Maybe even a second map used for tank recognition tables and the like, for those who need it.


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#47 15 years ago

As someone who is not familiar withevery weapon in WW2 i would have to say some kind of indication of ammo status would be nice since people who would have been using the weapons would have trained on them and been very familiar with them. Unfortunately none of us here were alive and using those weapons in a real combat situation.

Also lets not go too overboard on the realism thing either after all your violating one of the most basic rules of realism...you're not really dead when you get killed. Otherwise you'd have to be banned off the server the moment you got killed. so i think some unrealistic realism would be nice to soften the blow to those of us who aren't hardcore FHers. Don't forget that not everyone who is playing this is going to beposting here. So for the sake of trying to bring new people into the mod some kind of middle ground would be nice.



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26th October 2005

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#48 15 years ago

hmm id say on the map thing (the pull out map) thatd be a really neat idea. and add a rustic element to the game. however for sheer gameplay, and for the sake of not getting tked by tanks every 2 seconds i think it may be bad for the average gamer. I would like it for my own personnal use. but im not sure it would be used widely enough. and in scrims. you could have a big hole in your defenses and not know it! or some lil private couyld be running out of his area and you wouldnt know )=


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3rd June 2004

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#49 15 years ago

Drawn maps are a nice idea. I remember Eve of Destruction's maps - it looked like they had used real maps, and I'm not sure if they were real or recreated, but they looked darned authentic.