why recons don't have sniper rifles by default? -1 reply

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9th December 2003

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#21 10 years ago
margus81;4476102I personally skipped Battlefield 2 and 2142 , because I find the time of WWII best period for games. Later you have rockets and jets and lasers or what ever, I'd rather have propellers and bullets. Now we have the wonderful opportunity to go on with Forgetten Hope 2 mod. So, I HAVEN'T played the game jet. But I have to questions : In BF1942 there were NOT too many scouts. In fact you had a few sniper kills in general. I played the game quite a lot. And the second question: in reality there were not too many snipers - WHY? I'm sure it was not because it was hard to manufacture. It must of had other reasons. So the game should have it in place automatically... I mean, if they WERE so super effective, every general in real life would make an army just from snipers. And I mean, it doesn't make a difference to find the gun on the map, rather than from menu... It' s the first question a newcomer has though...

It requires skill. Handing everybody a sniper rifle will be costly (one scope may not be expensive but buy a hundred thousand and well... not to mention manufacuring time and material requirements). Training a skilled person also takes up time you don't have. And setting up a sniper army (division) would still be kinda useless if you would pull it of since the front line would still be moving around and diging in for suprise attacks would be kinda hard...

In all it wouldn't be practical or efficient. THough I guess if it would be free of costs and material any soldier wouldn't mind a "free" scope on his rifle to help him at mid and longer ranges. But as said that would cost you money and recources (better spent elsewhere since the combat effectiveness of the squad probably won't be super wooping higher).


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27th April 2003

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#22 10 years ago
margus81;4476102But I have to questions : In BF1942 there were NOT too many scouts. In fact you had a few sniper kills in general. I played the game quite a lot...

It's what I explained you in the other post, vanilla games add snipers nerfing horribly its damage, in FH a single sniper bullet toasts you


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13th March 2008

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#23 10 years ago

It's fine as is. Learn to use ironsights--the rifle under the optic is the EXACT SAME as the scoped rifle, i.e. just as accurate. It's easy to "snipe" without having optics, and optics don't make you a sniper.

And SMINES rock.....if you know you're about to lose a flag, try laying prone in the flagzone and placing an SMINE under yourself and covering it with your body--most of the time they'll run over your corpse to see what kit you had/get to flagzone, and it's a free kill.


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20th March 2008

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#24 10 years ago
Kubador;4475848Does anyone remembers omaha beach in vBF42? Sniper fest at its best. That's why I'm happy with so little snipers.

Yes.. And if you didn't wanted a sniper you just bunnyhopped around with a medic kit.


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2nd March 2004

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#25 10 years ago

The scout is semi-underutilized in FH2 at the moment. I think having a spawnable scoped rifle could have dire consequences (especially at FH2 sniper potency which I approve of).

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3rd August 2008

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#26 10 years ago

cus snipers are overpwnaging with 1shot kill n scope



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3rd March 2008

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#27 10 years ago

Actually even the best (or at least one of the best) WW2 snipers with 500+ kills never used a scoped rifle, just iron sights. (Simo Hayha)