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NTFS is a more stable and advanced file system that offers a number of advantages over FAT32, especially for larger disks. Why is FAT32 not your best choice?

FAT32 will not work in partitions larger than 32GB, which is limiting in today's world of unimaginably massive hard drives. FAT32's maximum file size is 4GB, a problematic limitation when making disk backups.

***Making the switch***

You can read more about the advantages of each file system here, but once you decide what you want, and if you have Windows XP, you can convert that extra disk or partition to NTFS without losing any data. Here's an important caveat:

You can only convert to NTFS without losing your data. If you want to change back to FAT32 you will have to do a complete reformat.

Just follow the steps below.

The steps:

You must be signed in as an administrator. Go to Start, choose Run, and type "compmgmt.msc" without the quotes. You can also find this utility in Administrative Tools in your Control Panel. Choose Disk Management. Right-click the drive or partition you want to format and choose Format. You will be given formatting options. Select the ones you want.

You can also format a disk through the command prompt. Open a console and type "help convert" without the quotes at the prompt to learn about the syntax of this utility.