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Windows Tip: Organize Your 'Send To' Folder:

Find that folder

The contents of that menu correlate to the contents of a folder on your system, not surprisingly named "Send To." This folder can be found in different places according to your version of Windows, but you can do a search for the folder and you should see it immediately.

In Windows 98, you can find the file in the C:\Windows directory. In Windows XP, you'll find it in C:\Documents and Settings\User. The "Send To" folder is hidden by default in Windows XP, so you may have to go to Tools --> Folder Options --> Show Hidden Files and Folders. If you don't find it immediately, keep looking. You definitely have one.

Get it organized

Once you have located your "Send To" folder, examine its contents. You will see that they reflect the contents of your right-click "Send To" menu.

The first thing you need to do is clear out all that junk you have in there from the 15 applications that added icons of their own volition (I hate that). You can go ahead and delete what you don't use because these are just shortcuts, not the applications themselves. Now that we have found our "Send To" folder and cleaned out the dead wood, we can customize it to our needs.

You can add additional folders within the "Send To" folder to hold groups of applications, such as a multimedia folder, or audio.

If you do a lot of image manipulation, your multimedia folder could contain shortcuts to Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint, so you could right-click an image file and choose which editing application suits your needs.

The audio folder could contain shortcuts to some of your favorite audio player or audio-manipulation software.

You could make a word processing folder to send your text files to Notepad, Word, or some other text editor, depending on your specific needs.

Only you know how you use your computer and what you need in your "Send To" menu, but with some folders and a little organization, you can tailor your "Send To" menu to suit your needs.