Windows Tip: Restore Registry Defaults in XP and 2000 -1 reply

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10th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

If you are a Windows 2000 or XP user, there is a special string of the Registry from which all new user settings are taken. The purpose of this string is to keep a healthy version of the Registry around for the new users, regardless of the damage and general havoc the old users caused.

Get that default!!!!

This default version is found at HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT. What good is it?

It's a reference point for all you compulsive Reg-hackers out there (to find the default setting after you've changed it 30-odd times). It's the key to hit if you're an admin and want to change an entry for all the subsequent new users on a machine.

This tip only works in Windows XP and 2000.