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#1 15 years ago

You've got your instant message client running quietly in the background and you're zooming along playing rtcw or bf1942 or eveb aom when suddenly -- bing -- a message from Pro-Filer takes over your screen, ruining your game flow -- fatally.

Microsoft's magical Tweak UI will let you stop programs from grabbing the screen. Here's what you do:

Start by downloading and installing Tweak UI. You can find it on - After Tweak UI is installed it will place an icon in your Control Panel. Go to the Start menu, then Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click the Tweak UI icon. Choose the General tab. Check the box next to "Prevent applications from stealing focus."

You can choose whether you want the application in the taskbar to blink forever or just three times. Either way the application will no longer grab the screen away from whatever you're working on.