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9th August 2003

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#1 13 years ago

-Make lots of spawnpoints on every flag. It's so annoying to see flags which have 2-3 spawnpoints and some lameass enemy tanker kills all of them with a couple of shots from somewhere nearby.

Atleast 6-15 spawnpoints spreaded out around the flag and it's surroundings. Both inside and outside the capzone. And hopefully in some "safe" places like inside buildings, behind some objects etc. not in the open field. Just to improve the enjoyment of FH2.

-Antibasecamp rings around every uncappable base flag.

To me, the idea of an uncappable base flag in a map, represents an enemy controlled area where you would be shot immedietly or taken prisoner if you should go to close to it. Base flags shouldn't be areas where the enemy can operate freely.

-Less narrow tubemaps. Although I agree that a lot of different kind of maps have to be implemented so it doesen't get boring. Tubemaps can still be made a lot better.

There's nothing wrong or bad in a tubemap if it's made well. Imo, that means a lot of routes to advance from. 2-3 routes isn't enough - that just makes the game too easy after a while. Just think about ramelle nowdays... I haven't seen the axis win in 2-3 months, just because there aren't enough routes for the axis to advance and the allies have so few spots that they actually need to defend.

Make the maps harder for the defenders so they actually need to do something else than just spawn and shoot to defend their flags. Teamplay is a rare thing on public servers - so I hope the FH2 maps will be a bit more complex and made harder for the defenders. It would be best if you'd need really good teamwork to win the map, but if you can't even cap one flag without a really good teamplay then it's not really suited for publicplay.

-Make the airfields impossible to rape. Airfields usually weren't in the frontline where the enemy could just attack them with tanks/planes etc... (Unless the maps idea is to be able to kill enemy airfoce on the ground, like a pearlharbor map etc. )

One idea would be to place the airfield somewhere near the map edge and have antibasecamp ring around it. Maybe the airfield could be behind the actual baseflag(that has an antibasecamp ring) and just expand the abc ring to the airfield and maybe into the air so airplanes can't baserape.

Another idea would be to make all planes spawn in the air somewhere where they can't be camped. Very close to map edge? high altitude? random spawn if possible? Even outside the actual combatzone just close enough that when you spawn in the plane and start to fly you would get inside the combatzone and not loose any health. Enemy planes can't really camp the spawn when they will die because of flying out of bounds.


That's all I can think of right now... These are just my personal wishes that would improve gameplay and fun for all. And no offence meant, sorry if my text seems to be attacking or insulting - that wasn't my intention.



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12th November 2004

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#2 13 years ago

- lots of spawnpoints: agreed - abc rings: agreed - tubemaps: they're harder to balance it seems but when they are balanced it's almost always more fun and more intense. - harder for defenders: hmm, as it currently is it's too easy to overtake a flag compared too defending it -planes spawn in the air: somehow I never really liked those. I'm all for a more realistic airfield system where planes have to land to reload ammo (we need good airfields for that of course), so mid-air spawns wouldn't fit in well hehe. - a system where squad leaders have a similar overhead-view of the map as commanders (minus the nme locations of course) through which they can give every soldier in their squad locations to attack/stay put/give cover/ deploy a mortar...And where they can also see other squads on the map and 'attach' themselves to another squad. Also the possibility to assign a target to a nearby vehicle not part of the squad would be nice. If this could be implemented in an on-screen way like it is now in BF2, but with a way of selecting it for every individual in the squad, it would rock! :naughty: - in line with the above system; a way for the sql to quickly assign a role to a squad member; for example when there are 3 assault guys, but no engineer, he can 'ask' (think right-click, select class) one of them to become one. No forcing, just 'asking'. Why would this be usefull ? Think Omaha Beach with the closed-door-bunkers :) I know this all sounds very 'micro-management-like' but since FH gameplay is most of the time slow enough it wouldn't be to hard to use and might finally pave the way for some real tactics :)

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9th December 2003

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#3 13 years ago

I would go for mobile tent/transport vehicle spawns deployed by the squad leader instead. But any static spawns out there should have a good number of spawns so people aren't screwed when being under heavy fire.


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21st August 2005

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#4 13 years ago

Yeah, this is sort of like the thread in my sig. I fully support the outpost spawning idea. We need tents! SLs! We need Trucks! And not every flag does not need to be spawnable. I like the idea that we have to travel a bit to get to the flag.


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25th February 2005

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#5 13 years ago

I'd like 2 maps to be *just* an Open field. Tanks spawning at each end, 1 flag in the center. Germans vs Americans/Brits and Germans vs Russians. Nothing would please me more then a sheer tanking map.