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11th April 2005

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#51 14 years ago
SgtSteinerBDSNot to go off topic too much, but that is a military myth. There is no convention, Geneva or Hague that states the .50 is not allowed to be used against personel. It is however something US soldiers are advised to do... a leftover from the Vietnam era which today is a misconception.

You're absolutely correct. The bizarre thing is, I've heard present-day non-coms, even junior officers, reinforcing this myth with their troops. There's not even a remotely logical or supposedly humane reason for such a ban. Go figure.

TIt's also funny that the more easily controllable smaller rounds permit mgs with much higher ROF than the M-2. In our imaginary battle world, if you put a .50 cal. M-2 on the left wing of your defense line and a MG-42 on the right wing, and then compared their performance against a Japanese banzai or ChiCom human wave attack, the MG-42 would rack up tons more kills than the .50. And the .50 would likely get overrun since it couldn't knock out enough attackers quickly enough.


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2nd March 2004

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#52 14 years ago

The video he speaks of, if he saw the same video I did, was a M82 anti material rifle used on human targets with catestrophic results. The favored rifle of "sniper" teams is the M24 I believe although a number of Barret 50 cal sniper rifles are used.

Not that snipers spend much time shooting but rather sitting still and observing/reporting on the enemy without moving an inch. If they have to shoot, it's either cause shit has hit the far or something/someone had to get a bullet, maybe a radiodish or a high value target.

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10th April 2004

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#53 14 years ago
tcb05I am new to FH and this community but wanted to chim in here. Great mod and great community you got here. Glad I found it. Sad to see that the devs have moved on to BF2 engine but such is life. Once I learn the mod a bit more, I will come be target practice on the servers for ya.

Good to hear from you tcb05. Welcome to the forums. To clarify, the devs are moving on the the new engines but for purposes of modifiying it for our WWII theme currently used. We are all excited about this as it will make the current mod much more better. As far as the 50 cal mg, I knew I dude that was an officer in the Army and said that the mg was awesome in the fact of its range as well. He said you could pretty much hit what you see. I've seen the video about the snipers in Afghanistan and they definitely are not shooting cats! Talk about rag doll graphics! You can hear their spotters talking as well as their comments. As usual, a lot of good comments.