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10th June 2004

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#51 15 years ago

i feel that the 190 needs some tweaking. i havent flown any of the other aircraft yet, i just got my joystick, so i wanted to try my fav plane of ww2 first. i feel the the roll rate of the 190 is too slow and isnt tight enough. it had one of the best, if not the best, roll rates of the prop planes during ww2. it was very responsive when climbing and rolling. when i did a test flight in it, it just felt strange... sluggish and not crisp on the controls like im used to. although my experience with the 190 comes from the air warrior series, i assume their flight model for it was correct :rolleyes:


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16th March 2004

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#52 15 years ago

Well first get used to flying with a joystick, try out all the planes in several dogfights, and then come back with your opinion on the performance. The BF109 is as maneuverable as the British planes, in fact if anything it could use a small nerf in turn radius as long as it can be given better climb and dive rates in return.


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30th April 2004

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#53 15 years ago
JagdYes I noticed that with the Hurricane you can side-slip with the rudder so much it performs half-way like a chopper.

So you know, wrong term. A sideslip is a method of descending in such a manner that you are loosing altitude at a high rate, without adding speed. It is carried out by pushing the yoke in one direction, and directing the rudder to the right.

I'm sure that coding is the most difficult thing to do while making a mod, especially physics codes. Hopefully by .66 it will be fixed.

-The Spitfire should own the 109 in all ways, climb, turn, and rate of roll. -The hurricane should out-turn the 109. -The 109 should be able to outdive anything. -The 190 should be unstable and hard to fly, and have a gutbustingly high rate of roll. -The P-47 should also have a VERY high rate of roll, very poor high angle climb performance, should take longer to turn 360' and should outdive anything. -The P-51 should have a reduced roll rate, and, remove the bombs. Their liquid cooled engines made them a liability in ground attack. One round to the coolent tank and you're shot down. -The Il-2 should take WAY more damage. This thing was the B17 of the VVS, ive seen pictures of them with holes in the wing 2 feet by 3 feet large, or flying home with no tail save for one horizontal stabalizer, sans the elevator... -The Corsair should turn slower at higher speeds. -The late ('43-45) Wildcats should turn much tighter.

Overall, the Stuka, BP Defiant, Sturmovik, and all other Jaegerbombers should be coded as fighters. They were not sluggish in control responsiveness, except for maybe the Stuka.