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28th May 2003

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#41 16 years ago
Kinetic - ukYou must bear in mind that nearly every XL v GT benchmark is done at stock clock speeds,its widely reported that the XL is a poor overclocker and yet nearly EVERY 6800GT will overclock to 6800Ultra speeds with ease without the need for bios flashing ,so if your going off benchmarks then compairing the XL to ULTRA rather than XL v GT will give you a better view on the performance difference between the two cards If some one offered me a XL or a 6800 ULTRA i know which one i would choose ;)

Yeah, I heard about the XL's poor OC abilitys but I don't plan to overclock it :) The annoying thing is my Powercolor one cost *230 and Gibbo knocked the HIS ones down to *235 so for the extra *5 I could of a kick ass cooling system and a out of the box OC Xl, but saying that it needs two slots and my Mini ATX foxconn NF4 only has 2 PCI slots :(

Kinetic - uk

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22nd October 2004

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#42 16 years ago

Yeah my Leadtek GT needs two slots,but i dont have PCI cards installed so that not really a problem atm :) The XL does look a fine card but for overall performance gains i'd rather have the GT, just like i'd rather have the X850XT over the GT lol