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10th July 2006

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#21 13 years ago

Boy, some of you guys realy like to play sucker, OOpps I mean soccer. I use to go play with the sucker players after football (real 'football') practise. I even helped them somewhat. Being chassed all over the field by someone who has the intent of bodyslamming you if they catch you is bound to help your endurance.:smokin: Now quit hyjacking my thread or practice will begin in 30 minits.


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29th December 2004

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#22 13 years ago

FH is like football, Its great! Or like Zidane, You gota love it. oke stop this! I cant remember my first map anymore, think it was Market garden.


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14th December 2003

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#23 13 years ago
Boy, some of you guys realy like to play sucker, OOpps I mean soccer. I use to go play with the sucker players after football (real 'football') practise. I even helped them somewhat.

*shakes head*...silly americans

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2nd May 2005

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#24 13 years ago

Hey, we were saying thank you to the FH developers.

Thank you.

(Materazzi sucks, you go Zizou. SMACK)


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9th October 2005

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#25 13 years ago

thanks guys. doin all this just to make messed up sociopaths like us happy. thank you! unless you make us unhappy, then we shall turn on you and wear your hair as a swimsuit! but only on mondays!


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9th January 2005

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#26 13 years ago

My first map was Supercharge. I still remember having a really hard time figuring out what to do..

Off-Topic: Soccer is an american word for REAL Football, so you can't make fun of it. Americans are the ones who stole the name 'football'. Anyways, here is what I found out about Zizou's headbutt on Wiki:

The controversy over the final game's misconduct

Zidane was sent off for violent conduct after headbutting Italy's defender, Marco Materazzi, in the chest in the 110th minute, after exchanging words while walking down the field. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and Italy won the championship after a penalty kick shootout. Regarding the substance of the argument, Zidane's agent Alain Migliaccio said, "[Zidane] told me Materazzi said something very serious to him but he wouldn't tell me what." He also told reporters that Zidane planned to speak out about the incident." Several newspapers have had lipreaders try to interpret what Materazzi said, though they have come up with different interpretations. Broad consensus of these analyses is that Materazzi spoke in Italian, a language understood by Zidane, and that he gravely insulted Zidane. According to Milan based La Gazzetta dello Sport, Materazzi recounts the incident as follows: "I held his shirt for a few seconds only, then he turned to me and talked to me, jeering. He looked at me with a huge arrogance and said: 'If you really want my shirt, I'll give it to you afterwards'. I replied with an insult, that's true." He stressed that the insults were "the type [...] that we've heard before so many times on the pitch, and sometimes we don't even notice it". He denied the accusation that the insult was racist in nature or that he called Zidane a "dirty terrorist", as well as rejecting claims that he had insulted Zidane's mother: "I certainly didn't talk about Zidane's mother because to me the mother is sacred". Zidane's mother had been taken ill to hospital hours before the World Cup final. The day following the incident, July 10, 2006, Zidane was awarded the Golden Ball for being voted Best player in the 2006 World Cup by a poll of journalists covering the tournament. Zidane casted 2,012 votes, followed by Italy's Fabio Cannavaro (1,977 votes). Although the polling continued until midnight, most votes were cast during half-time, prior to Zidane being sent off. After returning to Paris, the team met with French President Jacques Chirac, who had also attended the game in Berlin. Chirac hailed Zidane as a national hero and proclaimed: "You are a virtuoso, a genius of world football" He added:"You are also a man of heart and conviction. That is why France admires and loves you." Zidane's major sponsors announced that they would stick with him, with adidas planning to launch a website -www.mercizidane.fr- in his support. Regarding the head-butt, an advertising executive said "[this] childish gesture gives a more human image of the hero. It brings the icon closer to the people." According to a poll published in the French newspaper Le Parisien, most ordinary people have forgiven Zidane. FIFA Investigation

On July 11, 2006, FIFA declared its intent to officially investigate the incident. The new provisions had been adopted on 28 March 2006 and may lead to the FIFA Executive Committee imposing harsh sanctions and even disallowing Italy's team the World Cup victory if Materazzi is convicted of having insulted Zidane with racial slurs.

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9th December 2003

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#27 13 years ago

Lobo & co can have my babies! :naughty:

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10th April 2004

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#28 13 years ago

I'll put in my continued thanks and adoration as well. As these threads pop up, I'm glad to give the game and the devs the proper respect they deserve. I remember all the digs about the NBA after the Pistons/Pacers brawl and I claimed then it didn't hold a candle to European soccer violence. See where all that heading the ball takes you...? :nodding: