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I take what n0e says way too seriously

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#21 15 years ago

Can't you ship with values that overwrite their default server configs? I mean it's an installer...



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'LIGHTNING [NL']Funny thing I noticed is that all FH players crouch before they shoot. So, you can tell friend from foe by waiting to see what the other guy does. If he's pointing in your direction and he crouches, you know you're screwed. :p[/QUOTE] The crouch because that will reduce the spread. I have seen people do more crouch-strafe-crouch in fh then on a fitness video!

mach1muscle351Tk'ers STOP BEING so trigger happy[/QUOTE] I just got kicked from hslan last night for to many tks.. you know why? Because they constantly ran into the spots I was fireing at. No, 'hold fire we are about to rush'. Nope. Hey look a flag... whats that noise?.. ah who cares!'

Major HartmannIf you want to repair your tank, and you are unsure if there is an enemy in the bush next to you, just make sure he regrets being there and repair then...

Uhm. Not always. I have seen my share of people exit the tanks in presumably safe areas, only to get set to lala land by a plane.

[QUOTE=Jetro]That kinda kills tank ambushes if you know exactly where every enemy vehicle is on the map. That's no fun.:bawl:

Agree.. the mini gives to much away already.

[QUOTE=bizness]TK's happen. The tag distance is ideal on FH maps.

No way my friend. FH turns into tag scanning matches, expecially on maps with shrubbery.

Bushes, etc...would be pointless.

It is pointless. You might get one or two in if you are lucky but then, they start scanning.

Whats the point in hiding behind a bush or something you can shoot through if the enemy can see your tag and shoot you without ever seeing you? Where is the feeling of accomplishment if you know where the enemy is on your map at all times? Some maps have uniforms that are hard to tell which is which and that is where your minimap comes in.

The minimap was put in for arcade gamers so they would not shoot their 'teammates'.

If the fight is condensed and you have a lot of friendlys it is harder, but if you can, pay attention to who they are shooting at. The ones that get you while you're deciding to shoot or not are the ones that read their map and have and idea where their enemy is/should be.

Or tagscan your bum. I cannot count how many opponents I have shot (and allies I have not shot) simply because of their tags poped up. And not from actually seeing them mind you. I have watched people sit *behind* bushes and scan for targets.

I hope beyond hope they will remove tags and the minimap for FH2.