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30th April 2004

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#21 15 years ago

Let me put it this way Grim...

260+ NEW vehicles 40+ New maps Tons of new sounds Effects that make Jerry Bruckheimer cream himself.



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3rd October 2003

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#22 15 years ago

enough with the mac vs pc chatter! macs suck for gaming, end of discussion!


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4th August 2003

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#23 15 years ago

Amen. Hopefully GrimGrom has made his (correct) desision and is downloading it now. ;)

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2nd October 2003

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#24 15 years ago

Macs are supposed to be good for multimedia, or so they say, cause they "don't crash as PCs".... Yeah sure..... The first thing i did on a Mac at the Uni lab was load Photoshop and DreamWeaver at the same time.... and it crashed completely. So much for multitasking :rolleyes: As far as an overview of the mod goes, here is one i wrote to advertise it to another clan (back in 0.65 version). I just copied the article here, so some references may be irrelevant, but it's after midnight now for me, so no time to sit and modify stuff. Oh yeah, and considering that 0.66 is 10 times better then 0.65, make your judgement :deal:

"hydraSlav" First of all Official Website is not updated besides the "news" section. Since the whole FH community is discussing everything with the devs in the forums, no one bothers to update the actual website. Download FH Manual instead, if you want to preview what vehicles are available (its a PDF file in a RAR archive), but remember that the manual still does not show all vehicles Servers. It also matters a lot what server you play on. Some "clan" servers, especially those with german name, should not be visited at all, since they will kick you for "using thier vehicles", etc. WOLF server is good cause it always has lots of people playing (50 max) Dead Meat Server. My clanmates play on this server, and so was Scorn the other night. It has a good rotation of maps, and veteran mature admins, that are on most of the time. Their website is www.warhaus.com - it's a pretty mature community (they have a DC Final server too for you). Just enter "Dead" into the in-game browser and look for thier FH server Gameplay. Remember, this is a realism mod. And it plays like one. If you get caught by the MG fire, you will be ripped to peices in seconds. Unless you have a parachute kit (usually pilot kit, except for paratrooper maps), you will smack into the ground and die, so no more parachuting out of buildings, and surviving tank shells by parachuting down, or bailing out of planes and causing a havoc (since pilots only have a pistol with them) Weapon have realistic damage and range. I rifle shot to your upper body will kill you (or leave you with 10% health). And rifles are very accurate and long range, so stay under cover. If you will be caught running in the open, you will be shot. This is the only mod i've seen, where public players actually stay down, crawl on thier bellies and provide covering fire, instead of charging forward Timeline. FH spans from 1939 to 1945. As you might have guessed, the vehicles and weapons in the beginning of the war where much different from those later on. For example, on early maps, you get early tanks, such as Matilda (the snail), Crusader, PanzerII, etc, along with earlier weapons, such as early versions of Panzershreck. Later on, you get the massive tanks, such as the PantherD, KingTiger, ShermanJumbo, Jackson, etc, along with more newer weapons, such as later versions of panzershreck and panzerfaust. You have to remember what year you are playing in (written on the map loading screen), in order to use the weapons effectively. And yes, that Polish map is right in the beginning of the war. Scale. Unlike BF42, FH is played on a much bigger scale. Firstly, this means that the distances between flags are quite significant. You cannot easily run from flag to flag, so unless you have defenders at that flag (and in this mod you do!) it will be overrun and there will be nothing you can do. If you need to get from flag to flag, get a lift with tanks (some have passenger seats on top of tanks) or use the variety of trucks available. If you decide to take a several minute walk between the flags, don't say i did not warn you when you will be shot with a rifle from long range and will have to start over again. Same applies to tank battles. Tank battles are fought over long range, where you can just barelly see the outline of the enemy tank on horizon. Use "tank sight" (press the "inside view" - F9 twice), but make sure you have textures at 100% for them to work well. Tanks. Speaking of tanks. These are modelled realistically. First of all they do not take damage from fragmentation granades. Secondly, they have real armor penetration values. This way, a shot from a Sherman to the front of the Tiger will do no damage, but several well placed shots from behind (or better yet above into the turret or engine block) will kill it; and the Tiger will kill this Sherman in one shot. Out in the field, tank will mow down any infantry like cutting through butter with a hot knive. But in the urban area, the infantry will sneak around and kill the tank with either bazooka/panzershreck/panzerfaust shots up close, or satchel charges placed by engineers. Tankers must use natural cover in order to survive, and flank the heavy tanks, instead of trying to charge them. Planes. These are not as easy to fly. Fighters are fighters, and usually don't have bombs. They are used to take down enemy bombers. Some fighters might have 1 or 2 bombs, but they have to go back to airfield to reload. Bombers usually have more then 3 gunner positions, and when manned, the enemy fighters will have difficult time getting close. Stationery Defenses are one of the most powerful weapons. The flak will rip appart anything that flies. Two well placed Bofor (allied flak gun) shots will blow the plane out of the sky. One Bofor shell exploding too close to the cockpit of the pilot will kill the pilot inside, and the plane will crash to the ground unmanned. Flak 88 can fire both AT and AA shells (can be changed by the person inside). Flak 88 shell hitting anything will most likely kill it, so look out for it. All other stationery guns can be traversed 360 degrees by slowing turning their base There are re-deployable mobile MG guns. You place it down, then enter it like a stationery gun. When you do, you will lay flat on the ground, so you will become a difficult target, while you will mow down infantry stupid enough to get in your line of fire Immobilized vehicles. This happens very often in FH. Vehicles (especially heavy tanks) get immobilized, instead of being blown up. They can't move, and have a slowed down turning speed of the turret, but they can still fire. It's very common to see a tank sitting in the middle of the field, still firing, but unable to move Same with planes, most of the times, the engine is blown, but the plane is still not destroyed, and starts falling to the ground. And considering that only pilots have parachutes (and most people flying planes with engineer wrenches instead of parachutes), the person inside the plane usually goes down with the plane untill he crashes into the ground below Infantry. The primary weapon is a rifle. Dealy accurate (if you know how to aim) and powerful to kill in one shot to upper body. As a result, people crawl on thier bellies and take cover, instead of running in the open to be shot instantly. If you are an assault, you will have no pistol, if you are not assault, you will have no granades, if you are AT, you will have just a pistol to defend yourself. AT have powerful weapons to be used at relatively close distances to the tanks, but remember, your bazooka will just bounce off the front of the tank (with virtually no damage), so shoot the threads or rear for a 1 shot kill (unless it's a heavy tank). If a heavy tank is stupid enough to get into the urban area, get above it, and shoot down into the turret top or the engine block for a 1 shot kill. Morale: tanks stay out of urban areas, no matter how heavy you are. Atmosphere. In addition to this all, there are heaps of abience sounds, such as planes flying far away, artillery shells, rifle fire, etc, etc. At first, it's confusing, but then it immerses you into the game even more. The sounds itself may appear loud (just a warning), but they are so well made, you will want to listen to them again and agian. Overall Changes to gameplay Combine the above together, and you get a completely different game. Battles are fought over great distances, tanks engage each other on the brink of visibility range. Infantry crawl on thier bellies behind cover, since being in the open is a guranteed instant death. Planes swoop overhead, but remeber, they have only 1 or 2 bombs, so they will hunt out tanks, not bomb lone infantry man. Sometimes you see flaming disabled planes spiral down to the groud, with the hopeless pilot still inside; then you see a disabled KingTiger, captured by the allies, shooting back at unsuspecting axis, and waiting for allied engineers to come and fix it, so it can be taken back to base for full repairs In the meanwhile, the enemy opens up an artillery barrage that wipes out everything and everyone that is not well hiden under cover. Your teammates, set up MG positions, covering you while you advance to the next building. Then an enemy tanks drives nearby, and you are useless against it, since you only have fragmentation granades that will not damage it. But if you put your head out, will be mowed down immidiatelly by it's coaxial gun. You call for anti-tank support, and at AT soldier will flank around the tank, and put a well placed shot in it's engine block, giving you the ability to finally advance forward. It's just too much to explain. But believe me, FH completely changes the way you play BF. It's hard to play, it's easy to be killed, but once you get the skill of survival, you will see the full beaty of this mod, cause you will experience the WWII the way it was


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7th August 2003

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#25 15 years ago

Wow - you make it sound so good - I might download FH again - a nice fresh copy :D


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3rd July 2004

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#26 15 years ago

Well I'm convinced. I'm going to download it right now, thanks for the advice guys.

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8th August 2003

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#27 15 years ago

and dont forget to post ur first gameplay experience in here, plz :)

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8th December 2003

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#28 15 years ago

Oberst Topgunheres the official bf1942 mac patch:


not developed by ea/dice, but aspyr.

I went there, but it only has the Patch for the 6.1 which i already have... Im looking for the Mac version of Forgotten Hope mod... where can i find it? :clueless:


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16th May 2002

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#29 15 years ago

install the pc version and copy the files to a mac



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28th December 2003

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#30 15 years ago
'[BC Tex Arcana']Ummmm- NOT. Mac's are more efficient in to many apps to list (including creating the wonders of CGI), and more powerful (pound for pound). The main reasons that it isn't available are: Most hardcore Mac-Users spend their time using the Computer as a TOOL. And because of the "Microsoft Death-Grip" on the Industry in general. If Games where more readily available for Macs; I wouldn't own a PC. Though I think I'm gonna go Linux soon:naughty: . Windows bites knob!

Actually you are a bit wrong there, Macs are more expensive than a PC (assuming you dont buy some "brand" PC and build yourself one) and about "efficient in to many apps" i wonder what apps then? If you mean apps that works on both systems theres only about how powerful computor you have. Anyway, i dont want to turn this thread into some Mac vs PC thread so i stop here. On topic: FH is the reason i still have BF installed on my comp ;)