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#31 15 years ago

Thiis is a really good mod. As a matter of fact, I bought my computer especially for BF1942. Me and some friends decided to form a clan. After some months BF1942 one of our members told us about Forgotten Hope. Downloaded it, installed and since then I never play anything else but Forgotten Hope. When I'm turning 'my machine' on it's because I'm going to play Forgotten Hope. Sounds are really good. I mean that like really really really good. Graphics are superb. There are loads of new weapons and vehicles including bombers, jet planes and so on and so on. I could go on for like a day in trying to explain the absolute beauty of this mod, but by that time you could have downloaded it. Just do it. Trust me, you won't regret unless you have like a low-end computer, then buy a new one with better videocard (256MB recommended), more memory (1024MB recommended) a larger screen (21" recommended) and a better sound card (any one will do). At last the most splendid thingie with Forgotten Hope is that it is constantly updated and changed in a better way. Dunno who made this mod, but you are great! Keep the good works coming! Happy hunting, Lt. Beaver


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#32 15 years ago

man,this mod is terrible!!!!!!!